Antalya Toplum Koleji is a school affiliated with the Ministry of National Education, as well as an accredited school by Cambridge International Schools. Our school has 30% international students and 70% Turkish students. The academic and communication language used in our school is English.
Thanks to the multicultural education environment of our school, our students; By supporting their intercultural communication skills with collaborative approaches and active communication methods, they will serve world peace and become individuals who have the responsibility of being world citizens of the future.
As we move towards our goals, we take Atatürk's words "Peace at home, peace in the world" and "Science is the truest guide in life" as our guide.

Our Mission

Antalya Toplum Koleji teachers;

  • It helps its students to understand a rapidly changing world both locally and globally, contribute to the world and become successful individuals.
  • It helps its students to gain knowledge, life skills, attitudes, universal values and expertise and benefit the world regardless of race, language or religion.
  • It helps its students to follow National and International programmes in balance and harmony throughout their education.
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İlkokul Lobi

Our Vision

Antalya Toplum Koleji aims to help its students gain the necessary education and expertise, to understand and contribute to the ever-changing world, and to ensure that its students are successful in every field and will lead our society forward.

Antalya Toplum Koleji ensures that its students will have all the qualifications they will need in this developing world; It provides its students with theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to understand the world better, and believes that they will make the world a more livable place.