Antalya Toplum Koleji Primary School provides the richest environment for educating children and enabling them to become aware of both local and global values, ensuring that they are integrated into society, that they are able to use English, which is a world language, effectively at the level of their native language and for them to become fully literate.

The multicultural educational environment of our school means that our children are supported in gaining intercultural communication skills through collaborative approaches and active communication methods. We have the responsibility to nuture world citizens of the future who will help to promote world peace.

It is our greatest pleasure to enable our children to take advantage of the benefits of receiving a multicultural education by delivering both local education and training programmes from Turkey alongside other international programmes.

Primary School

We aim to enable our children to explore and learn all about the world we live in and part of this learning journey is giving our children the opportunity to learn additional foreign languages, acknowledging that each new language we experience brings with it an even greater richness. We bring our local and international children together as much as possible, through collaborative activities, to further enhance our children's language learning and social interaction.

We value our children as individuals who can meet the demands of the future and believe each one of them has the potential to achieve great success. Our goal is to raise global citizens who are self-confident, intuitive and able to express their feelings, ideas, opinions and thoughts sensitively and respectfully.

We understand the importance of allowing our children to access information and for them to be able to evaluate what they have found in order to determine the accuracy and reliability, We encourage them to develop their curiousity, investigative skills and the ability to share the information they have acquired and we believe this is an essential part of the learning process.

We take a modern approaches to learning and we understand that it is vital for our children to be able to communicate effectively with each other and for them to be actively involved in the whole learning process.

We are proud to be raising individuals who can find solutions to the problems they encounter and who regard the differences in people around us something to celebrate. Whilst striving to achieve our goals, we always try to live by the words of our founding father, Atatürk, "Peace at home, Peace in the World and "The greatest guide in life is Science".

Primary School


Description Start End
1. LESSON 08.40 09.20
KAHVALTI 09.20 09.35
2. LESSON 09.35 10.20
BREAK 10.20 10.35
3. LESSON 10.35 11.20
BREAK 11.20 11.35
4. LESSON 11.35 12.20
LUNCH 12.20 13.00
5. LESSON 13.00 13.40
BREAK 13.40 13.50
6. LESSON 13.50 14.30
BREAK 14.30 14.45
7. LESSON 14.45 15.25
Afternoon Breakfast 15.25 15.40
8. LESSON 15:40 16.25

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