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The Accreditation Application

The accreditation application is first done online by visiting


The required documents are listed below. ı would like to advise you to prepare the required documents below as quickly as possible to apply for your accreditation from YÖK-Council of Higher Education


(you must obtain an e devlet password to do this- You can get your e devlet password from a post office)

A Print out of the online application must be obtained. Then the pre accreditation application must be signed by the applicant. A set fee must be paid to a bank account before filling in the pre- application form.

A Declaration Form must also be filled in and signed. There is no example of the declaration form on the website therefore ı cannot tell you what you have to write in it.

A photocopy of your passport where your ID information is shown

A Turkish translation of your degree. The translation must also be notarised.
If you have got your diploma from an EU country A diploma supplement must be attached. The diploma supplement must also be translated into Turkish and it also needs to be a notarised.

A translation of your full academic transcript showing how many hours each was studied for, the names of the subjects studied, the accumulated points etc.

A photocopy of the pages when you were studying at uni. showing when you entered and departed your country at the time of your studies (ı do not know what happens if you did not have a passport when you were at uni.)

A letter stating that you are applying to get accreditation for your diploma/degree. An explanation must be provided in the letter for why you are applying to get an accreditation of your diploma/degree.

Coloured photocopy of all the required documents at the time of your application.

A receipt showing that you have paid the necessary fee for your application.